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Structural Surveys
read moreWhen youre buying a new home it is advisable to have at least a RICS homebuyers survey done as this will provide some piece of min that what you are buying is sound and fit for purpose.

The homebuyers survey will examine the property as a whole, rates its general condition and identifies any areas that may require attention. Normally this survey is enough and if youre satisfied with the report youll continue with the purchase. However if youre buying an older property needing some TLC, or on occasion the RICS Homebuyers report may recommend additional investigation if they locate a problem that needs to be looked at by a specialist and you may need to commission a more in depth report. They may identify problems with the electrics, drainage, utilities supply or the structure of the building.
Structural Engineer
read moreWe work closely with Architects, construction professionals and homeowners to ensure that all designs are buildable, attractive and fully compliant with UK building regulations. At Blue Sky we can advise and carry out Structural design and analysis on new builds, refurbishment projects, historic buildings and specialist structures.
Civil Engineer
read moreFoundation design. We ensure that foundations meet design specifications and can support the structures built on them. We use state-of-the-art technology to determine the capacity of foundations to accommodate differential settlement and withstand environmental loads.
Drainage design. We assist with managing surface water, implementing drainage strategies, network modelling, and flow assessments. Our evaluations can help you avoid flooding and better manage water, both now and in the future.
Road design. Our engineers work with multiple stakeholders to ensure effective road design. We help plan road paths, provide designs for curvatures in plains and elevation, and add extra width on bends.
Rail design. Our specialists help with rail design, ensuring correct gradient, elevation, and ballast materials.
Feasibility studies. With a feasibility study, you can find out whether a proposed development is practical. Our studies provide impartial advice and evidence that lets you decide whether you should go ahead with a project or not.
Designing and building retaining walls. Our experts allow you to determine the ideal specifications for retaining structures.
Bridge design. With us, you can calculate whether your bridge is sufficiently strong to bear anticipated loads, and which style of bridge is most suitable to your application.
Structural inspections. Cracks in the wall, sagging roofs, and subsidence can all be signs of serious structural problems. Our engineers, however, can conduct in-depth evaluations to determine the extent of the damage, if any.
And more. Please speak to us about any civil engineering design issue for expert guidance and support.
Temporary Works Design
read moreTemporary works the short-term parts of the construction required to enable the permanent works to be built.

Temporary works are an essential element of the construction process, but for some reason, these are often an afterthought, rather than an integral part of the design. Here at Blue Sky Consulting Engineers we provide structural systems that ensure that both your temporary works structure and permanent works structure remain stable throughout the construction process.

With a hands-on background in the construction industry, and many years spent buckling under the weight of a hod, our team understand the unique issues faced by builders and the need to avoid the costly delays that leave construction pros twiddling their thumbs.

Thats why we build temporary works design into our projects from the outset, ensuring the safety of your build from conception to completion.

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