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With the Modern Mystery School, you will learn about the 12 magickal races who share this Earth with us; about the secrets of the healing arts; and awakening your inner light and achieving unity with the elements to truly ascend and embrace your inner divinity. For more information, contact them today!
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Spiritual Drug Detox
Substance abuse affects millions of people on the planet today. It is the cause of so many issues and problems in society, from mental health issues, to disease, crime, violence and many more.

There can be many reasons why an individual can become an addict or abuse substances.In the Mystery School tradition we know that those reasons are always rooted in a deeper spiritual and soul-level issues that can be addressed and empower the individual..

This session offers true healing and help to overcome addiction and substance abuse.
12th Codan Balancing and Reading
The 12th Codon Reading known as the Holy God Matrix Realignment will revolutionise your life! This method brings you back to the original God Self and brings balance to your complete energy system, both magnetic, auric, chakras, neurological and yantra energies.

If you are lucky and receive a 12th Codan reading as well, then this will bring you much deeper information than anything you have ever received before.The 12th codon holds our original matrix. It is a complex modality that is only done by a Master Healer in the Modern Mystery School.
Hermetic Rebalancing
Based on the 7 principles of Hermes and the Emerald Tablet, this modality is the most powerful re-balancing we have in the mystery school tradition. These paths become congested with debris and junk as a result of life’s challenges, demands, and stressors.

Each session clears out the 7 layers of your energy field that correspond to the 7 Rays, allowing them to flow through you in a way that is uninhibited, stable and constructive.

The clarity attained through this rebalancing will help you to  “See” the world in a new way, where you are able to see through the illusion and identify the true nature of things.
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