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Steve Hines is an expert nutritional therapist who can help with a variety of conditions. Contact him today for a free consultation.
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535 Old York Road
SW18 1TG
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0203 322 9455
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Womenís Health Clinic
Womenís health problems are centred around a womenís hormonal system. Improving your nutrition and lifestyle can help manage the symptoms of many different womenís health issues such as:

Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)
Poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
Symptoms of the menopause
IBS and other tummy problems

The aetiology of these health problems are often multi layered and complicated, however there are some common underlying causes to all of them beyond hormonal imbalances. This includes stress, poor nutrition and lack of nutrients, environmental oestrogens and poor detoxification.
Menís Health Clinic
Men are typically more stoical and perhaps are not as proactive at looking after their health until it is too late. This neednít be the case and at The Front Line of Nutrition we can help you confront some of the health concerns you may have. Men suffer from a unique set of health problems such as:

Central obesity
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
IBS and other tummy problems

At the Front Line of Nutrition our Menís Health Clinic deals directly with these issues, helping you confront and manage your health concerns before they progress and need to be medically or surgically managed.

A well structured diet plan can often improve many of the symptoms you experience. We can work with you, the medications you may on taking and alongside other medical professionals to improve your health.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Steve has measured my body fat and tweaked my nutrition plans for a number of years so I can stay in shape. He has also helped me get on top of a number of health issues I had been struggling with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Front Line of Nutrition for people looking to resolve their health problems through nutrition.
ByMira Hostakova
Testimonial #2
Steve helped me to address some issues I was having with food allergies. He was very supportive throughout the whole process.
ByClare Anderson
Testimonial #3
With Steve's advice I dropped 10 pounds and two dress sizes in less than 3 months. His stuff really works!
ByAnna George
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0203 322 9455
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