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Physical Therapist in London Our physiotherapists are highly experienced having worked in elite sport helping athletes quickly recover from injury and get back to full fitness. Our physios will assess and diagnose your problem and we guarantee to get you back to fitness in as few sessions as possible. All initial assessment and treatment session and follow up treatment sessions are 30 minutes.

Our physios will get your sports or spinal injury better by using manual therapy such as joint mobilisation and sports massage, K taping, acupuncture and ultrasound and they will give you a home exercise programme such as Pilates exercises.
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read morePhysiotherapy is a discipline involving hands-on treatment of injuries and the prescription of rehabilitation exercises to help people overcome their pain and dysfunction.

Your initial appointment with the physiotherapist will normally be 30 minutes. In that time you will be asked to explain your injury, how it happened, how long you have had it and how it makes you feel. You will be asked to set some goals about what you want to achieve from your time spent with the therapist. Your therapist will also run through your past medical history finding out about any medical diagnoses or medicine that you take.

Next your therapist will carry out a physical examination looking at the affected area plus carry out an assessment of your posture and how you move. Once they have carried out this assessment they will put together a treatment plan for you.

In the remaining time of your initial assessment and on subsequent treatment sessions they will carry out this treatment plan and also give you home exercises to do to either resolve your problem or to give you a management strategy to keep your symptoms under control.

Your therapist will endeavor to give you an accurate diagnosis and give you realistic expectations of how many treatments you will require. Most problems can be resolved within 4 to 6 treatment sessions. On occasion your therapist may refer you to a consultant for a second opinion to verify the initial diagnosis and treatment plan.

read moreFor those with on going back and neck pain, 1:1 Clinical Pilates is a great investment to maintain your spinal health and core stability after your physiotherapy has reduced the acute pain.

We offer you a bespoke 1:1 Pilates course designed for your individual problem. We do not provide classes as this does not give you the individual attention you need to perform the exercises correctly and activate the right muscles.

In your initial Pilates Assessment and 1:1 Session your core muscles and movements patterns will be assessed, after which your Pilates plan will be designed.


Lisa Peake
read moreOver the last few years, Steve has taken me to full recovery for sporting injuries on my knee, back and shoulder. He's currently giving treatment for an RTA neck injury, without which I literally wouldn't be able to get through the week. This includes manipulation, massage and acupuncture with advice on physio exercises and activity outside the sessions.

His work is extremely effective and I very much recommend him.

Chris Hines
read moreSteve is a great physiotherapist and he treated my tennis elbow last year with neck mobilisation and acupuncture in 2 sessions. I've not had a problem with it since.

Clare Lion
read moreHaving done our training together in London we highly recommend Steve and his clinic. We refer all of our London based clients to Wandsworth Physiotherapy as we know they will be looked after well. We can't recommend Steve and his services highly enough!


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